Empire Strikes Back | Take Action
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Take Action

Rogan’s List


Epic list of actions you can take! A retired university librarian, with help from collaborators, gathers action items throughout the day and uploads them into her blog each morning. She shares her blog with 100 facebook groups all over the country and has been designated as one of the Easy Activism’s Top 10 Resist and Act Resources.

Your government, made simple


Get clear, concise summaries of bills going through  Congress, see what others think, then take action. Telling your reps how you feel is easier than ever with email and now video messages. Make your democracy more responsive!

Michigan Legislation Tracking

https://legislature.mi.gov/. This site, similar to the Federal site, includes links to Calendars, House Meetings, Senate Meetings as well as (maybe) a daily list of Bill Introduced, Passed or Enrolled.

Federal Legislation Tracking

Federal Government. https://www.congress.gov. Look for the Search Tools link in the upper right corner to help you begin your search. You can also subscribe to regular updates of:

Bills Presented to the President

Bills, resolutions considered on the floor of the House

Bills, resolutions, nominations and treaties considered in the Senate

Search Tips

Most Viewed Bills

This site also can provide you with a list of committees and who sits on each committee. Look for the Link at the top of page titled: Committees.